31 August 2008

The Lake

striped bass

In all likelihood it's been ten years since I last went to Lake Texhoma. My former boss took me out on her boat a few weeks ago, while everyone else was in Utah. I spent most of my time looking for arrowheads, and of course found none. I did however catch two tiny striped bass, and got to watch Hercules-the-Dog try and scratch his many itches. Also, you can see below how high the water was during the floods last year from the mark in the junipers.

flood line

On the Floor

j and r

23 August 2008


He's a talker.

15 August 2008


super dane

I need a new cape.

10 August 2008


sheepish at tierra wools

Little R at Tierra Wools in Ojo, New Mexico this morning. I want a bed like that.

07 August 2008



I've done what I threatened. All art content from this blog has migrated over to a new blog entitled DaneLarsen.art. This blog will still contain all previous content, but from here on out the posts will be of a more personal nature. Babies and the like.

Looky Loo?

too many footlongs

I love these deeply skeptical looks. I get them all the time, but it's nice to know other people get them as well, not just me.

Or maybe he knew that I'd be the first one to see the picture. Man he's smart

04 August 2008

Baby Bear

raised by bears

In lieu of potty training, we've opted to have him raised by bears. Jens will leave him in Yellowstone next week, this is just an initial period of acclimatization.

03 August 2008

Activist Viking Cows

lazy acres

I thought this was a nice response, on the part of some local dairy farmers, to the suburban creep that is taking over Utah valley, pouring down from Provo.

working farm

lake utah south

The Missing Smiles

more smiley

Rhus was just starting to smile for real the week before he was abducted by Mormons went on vacation to Utah. These are some of the smiles (and other events) I've been missing.

My word that sounds sappy. I think it's time to start another blog to separate out all the goo goo ga ga stuff from the art stuff.


w ggpa


new hat

grand canyon