30 December 2009

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06 December 2009


yucca snow

02 November 2009

Loy Krathong at the Park

Loy Krathong

Tonight we celebrated Loy Krathong at the park with way more people than we imagined on 24 hrs notice. Best holiday ever, though we did miss the drunks slinging bottle rockets on the banks of the Mae Ping just a little.

Loy Krathong
Loy Krathong
Loy Krathong
Loy Krathong

23 October 2009

15 August 2009

27 July 2009

22 July 2009

Which is More Frightening?

the horsey that ate daddy


What would terrify a one-year-old more; a plush rocking horse, or getting merged into by an eighteen-wheeler? If you picked the plush rocking horse, you'd be correct. On night 1 of our vacation last month we stayed with one of Jami's very favorite people in the world (and her family, thanks, Harrows). There was a plush rocking horse in the living room which Rhus began eyeballing with a certain degree of suspicion. Thinking I was clever, I went over to it and began to pet it. Then I grabbed the handle and had it leap at me, while I hollered. Rhus freaked out. It took him about three minutes to stop shaking. The next day, on I-25 on our way to Aurora to visit another friend, an eighteen-wheeler merged into us, not once but twice.  He hit my door, I tried to get away, and then he hit our rear wheel and spun us ninety degrees to the left as he finally started braking. Rhus looked mildly interested, and then spent the next fifteen minutes waving at cars from the side of the highway.

02 June 2009

11 May 2009

19 February 2009

Crying in the Garden

14 February 2009

A Delicious Teething Table



28 January 2009

Tina and the Nopal

Cactaceae: Opuntia cochenillifera and Tina

27 January 2009

Rhus in Yellow


18 January 2009

Drinking from a Cup

16 January 2009

Red Cheeks

led in mouth

07 January 2009



05 January 2009

El Guapetón Baboso


Our heart-felt apologies to people with ugly babies.

04 January 2009

Compostin' Rat Killin' Party Time Vacation


Over the break we did some garden prep, including a much need revamping of the compost pile. It was a productive day. Between the two of us Tien and I killed three rats. He killed and ate one, with his bare teeth, I killed and did not eat two, with a shovel and the flat of a machete.


yum rat



About the middle of December we acquired two new family members. Since Rhus was born we'd felt that Tien had been a little neglected. He's pretty social for a cat, he even used to go on play dates to visit his buddy Stewart Rosenberg (a handsome cat with the stiff, athletic swagger of a retired football player) until poor Tien had to move away. One of my dad's coworkers has a Manx cat that gave birth back in October, so we went over to bring home the stumpy, and ended up with two. We call the stumpy-tabby Tina, and the black-and-white longy is called Lobs (we thought about calling him Andrew Zimmerman, in honor of Stewart's owner, but he just isn't an Andrew. Perhaps Andrew can take some comfort from the fact that a kitten with the ridiculous name of Lobs, and a personality befitting the name, just wasn't good enough to be his namesake). Since they're brother and sister they kind of take care of each other, and, as you can see from the photo, Tien likes them just fine.

Family Portrait