21 September 2006

Jami: or What Kind of Girl Would Marry Dane?

To answer a few questions:

Jami Vaughn was born in the early eighties. Well, just barely the early ones, almost the mids. We tease each other about our six years difference in age all the time, or more often I tease, “Were you even born then?” or “Oh. Well, you weren’t even in middle school.” She was born in southeast Texas, so southeast that the hospital she was born in will definitely be under water in 50 years. When she was a girl she had a horse named Ricardo. He was Peruvian. We met at the LDS student institute in Austin, TX where we were both attending UT, working on BFAs. We met August 28th 2001. Jami doesn’t recall it, but says that we were reintroduced so many times afterwards (“Oh, you study art. Have you met Dane?”), that it hardly matters. We began dating the next year, once her high school boyfriend went on a mission, and quit coming on our dates. We got married in 2004. I tagged along when she studied in Italy that fall. She finished up at UT with a BFA in studio art and a BA in art history. And now we’re here, where she will teach English.

Right now she is brewing us delicious mugs of “cereal replaces coffee.” Yes, that's really what it's called. We got it at a vegetarian buffet hoping it would be like Postum. It smells like airports.

Jami keeps making faces, this is the best
picture I took of her all day.

Here she is looking lovely in Piazza della
Signoria in Florence in 2004.

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