13 April 2007

Casa Nueva, Vida Nueva

Our house hunting is finally over. Here's our snug little new place. Today we cleaned top to bottom. Tomorrow we'll give the oppressively dark bedrooms and kitchen a coat of white paint and tear out some unwanted plywood which is preventing airflow in the kitchen. We have great plans for the place, including a solar water heater over the kitchen, a rocket stove, and maybe even a small wood burning oven if I can scrounge up the firebrick (wish me luck).

Rear. The kitchen is to the right. Living room 2nd floor left, bedroom right.

Front steps and door.

Looking out the front door, you can see the balcony and hallway.

Shot from the back of the living room.

Shot through the balcony door.

J mopping the second bedroom.

A kitchen of sorts.



  1. g'day!
    i'm back from vietnam and just checked in and found your new gaff ready to be christened. good work guys, once you've got everything settled let's go for some japanese!

  2. What a cute place, Congrats to you both on a great find. I can't wait to see the place after you're moved in. Especially the "kitchen"

  3. I wish I could come visit!

  4. Your house is lovely. I hope you are settling in well! and do get in touch with me if you come to dallas in july.


  5. i LOVE your new place! sorry it's been so long. i'm trying to play catch-up on your blog and i'm sooo behind!!! currently in grad school at upenn... my first semester. will be in taiwan over christmas and new years. wish i could visit!