08 July 2007

NYCrappy Photos

waiting for the barbarians

After a couple of days enjoying folksy wonderfulness with cousins in Troy, we have been happily hiking through NYC with my Grandpa serving as our traditional guide. Today saw us at the Strand (my mother swears she had never been, which I still refuse to believe could actually be true) and the Met for Poiret, Nakashima, and Neo Rausch. Tomorrow off to Maine.


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  1. Dane,

    Unrelated to your visit to the United States of America, here's a question: Are the larger drawings (there seems to be two, "Hands and Teeth" and the one with the centaur torso and cannon butt flying elephant "Please do it differently") for sale as well, or just the smaller silver-points? How does one (or groups of ones) go about purchasing one of these works of art? If you would like to let me know via "electronic mail", my address is rhettmcneil@hotmail.com.
    Enjoy your tour of our fine country, a wonder to behold!