16 March 2008

Palm III to iPod Touch


My first and my latest handheld devices. I bought the Palm III in early 1999, and ended up giving it to my little sister to use as an address book, since I just didn't use it very much. I remember returning from the Dominican Republic baffled and amazed by these "tiny, hand-held computers" my dad and brother were using. Green-eyed I bought one for myself, and used it to keep addresses, for the calculator, and to try and sneakily read Moby Dick while I was at work.  When I got to Austin the Palm's geek factor was just too much of a liability in the art department. Everyone was obsessed with mini DV cameras, the new G4s, the latest version of Final Cut, but a handheld was just too outrĂ©, too Intel, too Motorola, too Dell. So it languished in my bedroom until I turned it over to my little sister. The iPod Touch is a different creature all together. The fact that it's soooo pretty, and there's the real gal-derned internet in the thing makes all the difference. I've only had it for a few days now, so we're not to the point where we fight over it...yet. It makes you wonder what these things will be like in 10 more years. Shoot, how about two more years?

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