26 October 2006

Art Walk

Tonight was the Art Walk here in Chiang Mai, organized by AS's friends Laura and Chadwick (once upon a time they lived in Prague and went around to museums, digging up old forgotten paintings from storage, and then painting copies of said paintings onto Chadwick's body). We met up with our friend Dave at Matoom Art Space (where I was showing two drawings), and wandered around to a few of the studios. It was fun, though the highlights may have been finding a stray copy of Art Forum to look at, and talking to Dave about religion. Actually though, there were some prints up at Matoom by a 4th year BFA student named Yong that were pretty nice--apocalyptic and nice. CMU has an exceptional printmaking department, with better facilities and more space than anywhere I've been in the states. We went to the MFA show about two weeks ago and were astounded. CMU offers only one MFA degree, and it's in printmaking. Frankly the most interesting work we've seen here so far has been out of that department.

How's that for a poo eating grin?

This is one of the drawings I showed, the other can be seen here.

And some details. This was drawn on saa paper, which is made from mulberry bark.

Teak is neat. It has big leaves.

This image was inspired by an etching from a weird Scandinavian encyclopedia we have floating around the house. The tittle says "school in the year 2000" and shows a portly school master tossing books into a glorified meat grinder. The grinder is connected to wires leading to these strange apparati the students wear while seated at their desks. They're about six years too late, but I think Google has this in the works.

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