22 October 2006

Sweet and Sour Cat

Tien's portrait
Meet Tien. He's the kitten we adopted from "The Kitchen" (the restaurant where we eat at least one meal daily). He was the only boy in the litter, and the most Siamese-like. I was doubtful whether Siamese cats originated in Thailand, since I hadn't seen any, until I checked online. That's when I found Tien's name. He's named after one of the legendary Siamese cats that guarded Buddha's goblet. Although our Tien isn't a full blooded Siamese, he has the characteristic blue eyes, kinked tail, and dark points. He can be super sweet or very naughty. Dane and I are both covered with scratches head to toe. Tien hasn't learned that people aren't trees. If he thinks I'm looking at something interesting that he can't see from the ground (like the fish in our water garden), up he climbs from my leg onto my shoulder. On the other hand, he never left my side when I was sick, and he likes to sleep under the covers with us at night (another Siamese characteristic I'm told).

kissy Tien
Tien gives me a kiss as I try to eat a slice of dragonfruit.

Extended footage of Tien in attack mode.

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  1. "I love him so much."
    "I know, Ed. I know."