05 February 2008

Baby Mocs

During our Silsbee interlude I've been hacking away at a piece of pine that blew down in the back yard during hurricane Rita. It rained today, however, so I wound up inside where I made some baby moccasins out of some old sheep skin I had left over from a rug I made years ago. I'm hoping they'll work for a 6-9 month old. The weaving they're sitting on is a hand-woven cotton blanket with a traditional Lanna (northern Thai) pattern.


  1. Hey guys! We're glad to see that you made it back to the states safely...although secretly we were holding out hope that your travel agent messed up your tickets again and you'd stay around for another week or two :)
    The ex-pat crowd was drastically reduced after you guys left. The Adairs ended up leaving the Tuesday after you did. I'm the new Sunday school teacher and you two left big shoes to fill.
    We miss you guys. We hope the transition back to being Americans is not too painful.
    Much Love,
    Dianna, Shaun, and Maisy

  2. Wow, didn't take them long to bail. Hope you guys are happy and safe.