27 February 2008

Butcher Block

My mom, during one of her many pilgrimages to Northpark Mall, fell in love with a butcher block, at Anthropologie of all places. She came home grinning because, apparently, I'm going to make one for her. J and I were immediately sent to the mall to photograph the one there. It was a complete mess, looked like it had been assembled by three-year-olds, cost just under a thousand dollars, and was so stupidly put together that the end-grain top was already pulling itself apart. I explained to her what was wrong with it (a butt jointed frame around the top, unfortunately her favorite detail), and set about designing this one. I'd love to make it, all I need is a jointer, a thickness planer, and table saw. If any one knows where I can access said tools in Dallas, they would make my mother very happy.

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