30 June 2008

Cool Hand, Coolhand


My buddy Lucas just had an article written about him over on RGJ.com. In my mind he is remarkable simply for being a remarkable guy all 'round, but RGJ naturally made much of his being a one-handed guitarist. When he and his wife visited us in Thailand last summer we talked about his ideas for a prosthetic for a guitar pick, and his complaints about the stupid faux-hand deals the prosthetic companies tried to hook him up with. Rather than working with his natural range of motion, and trying to build a prosthetic around the way he played guitar already, their idea was to give him some sort of big rubber hand that would hold a pick. Since he already played the guitar quite well with his nub, this really would have thrown him off, effectively moving the guitar pick four inches past his nub into extra-corporal space; a bit like asking a two-handed person to start playing the guitar with a chopstick.

Currently he and his band are releasing their first album. Yours truly did the album art.

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