08 July 2008

Foot Prints

bed born

On Rhus's 10 day visit to the birth center he had his footprints made on the wall in the stairway. He was pretty calm through the whole thing, much calmer than other babies we saw getting prints made during J's appointments. Also, above is a picture of J and R in front of the bed he was born in.

prints 2

prints 3



  1. Oops, had to delete my first comment due to a typo...

    Dane and Jamie, Huge congrats on the safe delivery of your little darling. He looks HUGE! Isn't that birthing center a great place? I've been there a couple of times for Catherine's babies and it just feels great over there. What a lovely place to begin life on earth. Next best thing to home.
    Much love and happy vibes from the Benac Family

  2. Oh MY!! Dane, Jamie (though I don't know you) congrutulations!!! I haven't read your blog in six months or more and for some reason tonight decided to google nofolete to see what's new. Then I saw this foto of a room that looked warmly familiar, and it is! This is where I gave birth to my daughter Esther ten years ago, in that very room, in that very bed, with that very midwife! How lovely...beautiful child and beautiful photos, and wonderful parents you'll make I'm sure from the joy on your faces. Esther's footprint is on the wall upstairs above a window, Feb. 17, 1998, Esther Grace. Congrats again and again!