02 December 2006

Escherichia coli

Would you rather:
a. suffer from severely dehydrating diarrhea?
b. vomit every two hours?
c. spend ten hours on a bus making an obligatory visa run?
d. all of the above?


  1. The vomit! The vomit! Definitely the vomit.
    The horror...the horror...
    jami filled me in on your sordid state hombre, i hope the fact that a humourous take on the thing means it's passed.
    we must break sticky rice this week if you have some time, as i'm off to jappers on saturday. perhaps sushi would be appropriate then?

  2. I choose d. Hey, if you're going down you might as well go down singing right? I love you and I miss you.

  3. はい, Dave-san.
    Do you know Tsunami on Huay Kaew?
    Or if you really want sticky rice there's a good Issan place just further down.
    I might be eating real food by Wednesday.

    Kess, you're a brave girl. If you'd like to join me for round two I can mail you some of my poop...for you to eat.
    Love you, too. Please come this summer. For your own good.

  4. Yikes! Sounds like fun as usual in our darling 3rd world country. How about we add "have your dog eaten by the locals" to that list.

  5. I wish the locals would eat their own dogs. Dern things won't shut up at night.

  6. I choose (e) none of the above.
    Oh,that's not one of the choices?
    Then I don't want to play the game. Hope you are on the mend.