15 December 2006

Io Divento Raffi: Or How to Stay in a Country Who's Visa Laws Are in an Utter Shambles

Witness My Reincarnation as Raffi.

With two weeks left before the Thai government kicks us out of the country for being artfags, lay-abouts, leeches, good-for-nothings, and suspected criminals, we are scrambling to secure our visas. Visas which will facilitate our continued presence as good-for-nothing artfags, and suspected criminals in residence. To do my part, I took a job singing The Alphabet Song, Mary Had a Little Lamb, and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star for two hours every morning at Nandachart Preschool. The same preschool Jami has been working at for the last two months.

I think the picture below pretty much sums up the whole experience. The jumping girl is called Ping Ping (two rising tones, so it sounds like she's about to blast off every time you say it).


  1. You're going to need a goofier smile than that to convince them you're the next Barney. Come on - I want to see your gums every time you grin!