07 November 2006

CDSC Update

Since I originally posted about the Craft and Design Service Center workshop J and I participated in, various bits of it have begun to appear on the web, including this picture of me looking like a total spaz. I'm actually sanding that nearly invisible black object in my lap.

I'll continue to update this post as more things appear:
Photos on the CMU website.
Video on the CMU website. This will only play on Windows machines, so I still haven't seen it.
Post on Dave Besseling's blog about the workshop.

22 November 2006
On 17 November the CDSC had an opening for the Lanna Design Style Prototype Exhibit. It will be open from the 17th to the 26th at JJ Market.
My sketchbook containing notes from Vithi's lectures and sketches related to the workshop has been uploaded to the Internet Archive.

10 December 2006
These are our pages from the catalog:

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  1. Lanna Design Style Prototype Exhibition
    17-26 Nov 06 at J J Market Autsatorn Rd.
    (close to Kumtiang market)
    opening Fri 17 Nov, 6.00 p.m.