14 November 2006


Definite article, Spanish:
Lone Oe felt.
Feel not, Leo.
Elton of Eel.
Let Ono feel.
Leo Elf Note.
El feo Nolte.

Indefinite article, Spanish:
Fun one, Leto.
Tunnel, o' foe.
Note, Leo, fun.
No, fuñetelo.

Definite article, Italian.
Life, one lot.
Fill one toe
(previously undiscovered sculpture by Joseph Beuys), i.e. felt loon.
Life to Noel.

Thai (thorasab):
to a brash
trash boa
boat rash
boar's hat
abash rot
or has tab
soar bath
rosa bath
or has bat
or as baht

One he-pelt.
(My entire musical production), the lone EP.
Ole pet hen.
Help net Oe.

Definite article, English:
Then heel, Poet.

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