12 November 2006

Please Do It Differently

I just finished another drawing on saa paper. This one features our new nofolete from a few posts back. You know, the anti-smoking one. This particular drawing was a long time in the making, with revision after revision. I finished it while listening to this particular podcast about the current state of our educational system. Mom, you might like to listen to it.

DISCLAIMER: The crutches, I insist, are animist, and have nothing to do with Dr. Seuss or Salvador Dalí. OK, maybe Dr. Seuss.


  1. My favorite part of the podcast is when the philosophy professor is asked 'what should we teach the students so that they can think for themselves' and she answers 'philosophy, especially Socrates'.

    It just so happens that I teach the very subject that everyone should learn about. What a coincidence. So the English professor says literature and the Science professor says the science. What are the odds of that? I would have been much more impressed of the philosophy professor had said literature or the scientific method. That would have been interesting.

    I should not have used the term podcast though. Should I said Netcast or ZuneCast?


  2. The Zune doesn't have "interview (with enclosures)" support from what I've heard.

    I liked one of the comments on the website where someone said "I suggest learning Chinese while at the same time reinforcing our understanding of Western Civilization." Good luck.

    What struck me was inspite af all that needs to be done, all the policy makers (on the federal level) can talk about is how to keep guns out of schools. I think that if your major decisions for a school system revolve around which security company to contract and which brand of metal detector is most economical, then you've already lost the battle, and education is a secondary concern at best.

  3. Hello Dane and Jami,
    Longtime reader, first time commenter, comme on dit. Really, I've read since the beginning and enjoy the posts and the pictures (including the moving ones).
    This particular drawing of a Nofolete has quite a toon feel, wouldn't you say? It looks as if it were drawn by some teen fool who has faced exile and stood firm in his "patria": "To flee, no!".
    A singular, Borgesian thought occurred to me while coming up with more Nofolete anagrams. I was deciding whether to stick to Spanish (given the original context of the anagrammatic creation) or try some in English (as I did above); I chose to mix and match (as in the somber "Lone Feto"). I then thought to add some French (fete would work) and did, in fact, add a word/symbol from the musical alphabet (solfege). Surveying this proliferation of languages, I thought to myself that if one were to use all languages in this anagram game (including all possible language systems), there would be nothing that COULDN'T be expressed by Nofolete. Nofolete (your elephant) could then signify the infinite universe.

  4. Here are some alternative Nofoletes:

    Teen fool
    Toon feel
    El tono, fe
    One TOEFL
    Lone feto (a sad English/Spanish combo)
    To flee, no!
    Note of le (the half-step between so and la in solfege, a musical alphabet)
    Loon feet
    Teflon Oe (as in Kenzaburo Oe, the Japanese novelist, Nobel prize winner)

  5. The next one up is all your's, Rhett.

  6. Trent!!

    14 days you wait!

    14 DAYS!

    She's beautful. And we love the name.