23 February 2007

100 Thai Dogs 13-16

Here at Nofolete we are 100% dedicated to providing you with 100% puppy* content, guaranteed.

*Due to the seasonal scarcity of puppies, puppies will at times be replaced with somewhat older puppies, "dogs" in common parlance. If "dogs" become unavailable for any unforeseen reasons, they will be replaced with cats. Lacking cats, puppy-like rats may be substituted. Due to the seasonal scarcity of rats, they will be replaced with puppies. This note constitutes an EULA. Reading, glancing at, or thinking about reading any part of this EULA releases Nofolete and its authors from all guarantees regarding the provision of "100% puppy" content, and also releases us from any liability due to false or misleading statements that may or may not be made in this EULA.

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