02 February 2007

San Kamphaeng Hot Springs

On Wednesday after work we drove east out of town towards San Kampaeng, and then north from there to Thailand's egg strewn answer to Yellowstone. There is a small thermally active valley there full of sulfur rich hot springs. Any natural features that once existed have been destroyed, and the 105˚ C water gets piped around to little basins which people use to boil eggs (the egg boiling is such a popular gimmick with the Thai that they have a fountain featuring giant chicken and quail eggs), and two fake geysers. The cooler water has been channelized, so you can soak your feet while you eat your eggs. They also have private cabins with Japanese style baths where you can take a mineral soak for 200 ฿ an hour. After the bath Jami told me I looked younger. When I asked how much younger she said, "Younger than when we met." That was six years ago, so the water really worked some magic on me. I think it's because my back didn't hurt (I've gotten to where I hardly notice the near constant pain). May be I should see a chiropractor.

At Yellowstone we always joke about looking for the pipes. At San Kamphaeng they're out for all to see.

On my way to six years younger.


  1. I think you'd already lost three years by the time that picture was taken.

  2. I was pretty excited about the wooden tub. I think I'll make one some day.

  3. Hey, I went to a Korean sauna/bath house where they were cooking eggs in the sauna and serving them for lunch. What's with the eggs people. There are other things that need cooking!