06 February 2007

Geological Strata from the Anthropocene

I don't like to us this blog just to point to cool things I found on the Web (even though some people seem to think that's all blogging is supposed to be); however, this post on Geoff Manaugh's BLDGBLOG, reprinted from Blend, is both amazing and hilarious. It must be read by absolutely everyone I know. It gets best down towards the end--strata of mineralized plastics from the Anthropocene.


  1. So, Dane, What is blogging supposed to be??

    I admire your 'views about things large and political and important' posts, but for me, I have to keep mine at a safe distance from my blog to maintain privacy or something.

    I resort to blogs as a happy pick me up and to see what other people's happy pick me ups are...

    My aunt is writing an article for the AP on family blogs. We'll see how she distils it...

  2. That's a good question, Mary. I don't think blogs should be any one thing, I just don't want to use mine merely to point to other sites on the web. Boing Boing is awesome, why should I compete? Also, political blogs in particular seem to just point to an article or story in the news, say their two bits, and then provide a forum for further discussion. Don't get me wrong, I think it's a good thing, but it's not what I want to spend my time doing, except in certain instances that I find personally inspiring and in line with my thinking, like the post on BLDGBLOG. I would rather generate and post my own content. Given our quite different career paths (if I can even claim to be on one), I think it is certainly appropriate that you keep some things to your self. Now that employers google their applicants, you wouldn't want an offhand comment made on your blog to bar you from employment in a given lab, company, or institution. Since I'm tentatively on my way to graduate school, and trying to recover from a two year lull in art making, this blog has provided me with a way to do some thinking out loud, so to speak. Since I have an audience (however tiny it might be), it encourages me to focus on the quality of my writing, and the consistency of my point of view, or, alternatively, a way to explore the inconsistencies in my point of view.

    To sum up, I don't have a rigid philosophy about what blogs in general should be. I do have a set of rough guidelines that I follow regarding my own blog, but I don't think it's one anyone else should follow necessarily. I'd be interested in reading your aunt's article.

    Have you seen Sleepwalkers yet? We're jealous, and curious to see how Chan Marshall is in a movie.

  3. Hey Dane, gotcha. I like the idea of generating new content. Something that's not anywhere yet. And in the end I missed sleepwalkers as it closed yesterday and a million dumb reasons kept me away until it was too late.

    So sad!