28 February 2007

Quotidian Efficacy

I started a new blog today--Quotidian Efficacy, named after two of our favorite davehickeyan mannerisms. It's really just an online recipe book for ourselves in blog format, but it might be of interest/use to other people, and the labeling should serve as a decent index. So far I've posted a yogurt recipe. Happy cooking.


  1. Hi Dane,

    I've been reading your blog for a while; it makes me want to be back in Thailand.

    I was trying to explain to a friend a desert I used to eat a lot while I was over there, it was a shaved ice concoction called "nam kang sai" that had condensed milk and different types of jellies. One jelly in particular was a smokey, black-brown color. I can't remember the name of it. The had hudge slabs of it around the Saturday market in a few of the booths that made the ice desert. I can't seem to track down the name on the internet. Do you know what jelly of which I speak?


  2. Sorry Nik, I'm not a huge fan of Thai jellies, so I haven't learned their names. But I'll ask around and let you know if I find out. I do know which one you're talking about, and my guess is it's flavored with longan. I'll ask the jelly man down the street.

  3. I love that picture! I thought it was a luminous deep sea jellyfish...