09 February 2007

Ex Matris

We are overjoyed to announce that my sister Teal saw fit to bring a pair of grandparents, two uncles, two aunts, three great grandparents, and a great-great-grandmother into the world this week (and that's just on her side of the family) with the birth of her son Magnus Edmund Chidester. For a while there was some controversy over the name, but it has been confirmed, it is Edmund with a "u" not an "o." As with most significant events in Teal's life we are far, far away. Matthew sent us photos though, and we are thrilled for them. Let's hope he and Teal can get some rest.


  1. Congratulations, Teal! I hope the rest of you adjust to your new status as well as Magnus seems to be adjusting to his. By the way, great name!

  2. Congratulations. His name will make him a perfect contestant in the World's Strongest Man competition. I think the competition requires that all contestants be named Magnus or Ulf. Please tell him not to hurt me for this post in 20 years.

  3. Oh, he'll come after you. Look at those eyes...

    Where are you?
    danelarsen at gmail dot com

  4. Magnus, you are adorable! Did you know you have a huge fan club already? If you don't have a club President yet, I think Uncle Dane is the man for the job.